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guys need help.....

god, my threads always seem to start with that statement!!!

anyway, i have to do a written project due before xmas. thats not the problem... thing is i thought it was a care plan for the patient that was the project, but its not. my tutor told me its a `case study`.

will someone tell me what's the difference?????

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Why don't you ask your instructor or your tutor? Usually a case study has questions that goes along with it, while a care plan is just that------a care plan. I'd find out though for sure so you know what to do.


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I guess my understanding of a case study would be including a lot more info about the pts history, diagnosis, tests done, as well as nursing interventions and if they were successful or not, and why or why not.

But definitely check with whoever is evaluating it! Maybe there's some sort of grading sheet they use to evaluate it?

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In business, a case study is a description of a specific business problem. For example, Bob is the SVP of Sales for XYZ company. His main customer is threatening to switch suppliers unless Bob can get them a big price break, but XYZ company is going broke and can't give the price break. What should poor Bob do? Case studies are given to MBA students to learn management skills.

I'm not sure what a case study would be in your situation. Definitly ask your instructor.


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Case studies, as I have done them, are very inclusive. You need to think holistically (as in whole, not herbal remedy). You need to give a clear, accurate, and whole description of the client and ALL aspects that effect care... these include familial, home environment, hospital environment, financial, medical history, family history, occupational history, general assessment, medication assessment, spiritual assessment, cultural assessment, etc, etc, etc. Very detailed but not as difficult as it sounds. Basically, the point is that every aspect of a person's life affects their health and well-being, and ALL of that needs to be considered and implemented in caring for each and every client... it's all about individualized care. You analyze all of that information and then incorporate it in your client care and report on the results, etc.

Hope that helps you. I am not sure if that is what your instructor wants, so I would definitely ask him/her. But, this is what our instructor wanted.

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