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I have an AA in Behavioral and Social Sciences and I would like to find the quickest path to BSN. I am a certified clinical medical assistant (CCMA) and I have worked in the medical field for 19 years. I would prefer an online path and I live in California. I would like to find out if anyone knows any programs online that will allow me to do this?

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Pre-license RN programs (ASN or BSN) can not be done online. They all require in person lab and clinical time. The only online BSN nursing programs are RN-BSN which require you to be an RN to enter the program.

Hello! Thank you for your help. I found out shortly after writing this that Western Govenors Online University offers a pre nursing program that offers a RN and BSN online. Its only offered in a few states. Clinicals are done at a hospital 1-3 houra from me. Its #1 accredited online college!!

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Be sure to check their NCLEX pass rates first.

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Just reread that... You need to be an RN already for an RN to BSN program, meaning you need an associate's degree in nursing. There's no way you can learn and be tested on skills online which is why there aren't online nursing programs for non-nurses.

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