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I saw a request for more practicing CNMs to post so I thought I'd tell you about my day.

Monday I was the on call person so I got to the hospital a few minutes before 0800. I rounded on a newly delivered mom and one from the day before. A few minutes later my scheduled induction arrived up so I did her H&P and orders. She's a multip and already 4cm so I figure the induction will go easy and I'll get a daytime baby. Because she had a ripe cervix I go straight for the pitocin. My office hours started at nine and I had an assortment of return prenatals, an annual, first trimster bleeding, ER follow up of missed AB, and a 6 week PP. In between pt's I checked on my induction and not much was going on. She was contracting but still comfortable.

After lunch I had an intern scheduled to work with me so I supervised him with the return prenatals. I get a page from L&D that my pt is requesting pain meds. She had already decided aginst an epi but wanted IV Nubain. I ran over to L&D to check her and she was 7cm. I knew she was going to go fast so I stayed with her and had a healthy baby a short time later. She needed a minor repair then I went back to the office for a few more return prenatal visits. I got home around 1730 and I had 8 pager calls throughout the evening. All minor things such as "What can I take for a cold" , scant pink tinged on toilet tissue, and an infected tooth (umm I'm a midwife you need to see your dentist instead of calling me at 1130 at night). No more pages after that and I slept all night.

Well that's a pretty typical day. Sometimes L&D is really hoppin and I have a couple in labor at the same time, and somedays I have none. Feast or famine.

I have to say being a CNM is a great life. I love my job and I have never regretted going back to school. I too read all the threads about pay, job security, liability when I was trying to decide if this is what I should do. I decided to go for and I'm so happy I did. You have to do what you love and the rest will all work out.

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Thank you!! What area of the country do you work in? Do you think there is going to be an increase in demand for CNMs? Was it difficult for you to find a job when you graduated?

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Thank you for your "day in the life of...." That is really helpful!

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Thank you for your insight!!!


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What a great post! Thanks. I've thought this decision through soooo many times. Should I, should I not, what if it's too much, will I regret it, will I regret not doing it, so many questions to consider. But I've put my blinders on and nothings going to stop me; not indecision, not fear, not hubby, not the kids, not the extra responsibility, nothing!!! I've said enough with the excuses because this is where my heart belongs, I know it.

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