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The state should just make the schools find them


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I would love to love this program. I truly believe that most people in the profession are willing to teach to give back to the community that gave them the education needed to get to where they are. We want to help others, including new nurses/NPs that will join us in helping patients and families. But once the financial gain aspect is thrown in there's a bigger chance that you will get some people just interested in the money, not interesting in advancing the profession.

"You can precept up to two students at a time." And this I do not agree with. If you're willing to precept, the focus should be on one student at a time. Schedules get changed and even if people are scheduled on different days, a preceptor is only going to work say 3 shifts a week, with two students needing an average of 16 hours a week for a semester, there's going to be overlap. And then the divided attention of a preceptor is going to be detrimental to the learning process. I was fortunate enough to have fantastic preceptors, each one focusing solely on me and they all loved to teach. But even then, the time constraints required for them to do their jobs in addition to teaching me meant that sometimes I was just on my own for a while. Trying to juggle two students with doing the job is too much for many people. I understand this FAQ isn't saying they must or should precept more than one student at a time, but I don't think it should be an option. Still someone trying to do more with less.