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A silly reason to feel disappointed, but I do...


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I'm a first year, second semester ADN student with a 3.83 GPA. I applied for a ton of scholarships this year. I ran around like a maniac in between classes and clinicals and work getting all my paperwork together, writing all my essays, submitting everything on time.. I've already gotten three letters back, all "I regret to inform you that you have not been selected for...".

I worked so hard, and I'm feeling really frustrated. I'm blessed to have a family who can help me with tuition, but I'd really like to help them, too... it's just saddening and frustrating to keep missing out on these opportunities.

Don't be discouraged. This is a time limited situation. When you have your RN license and are working, you will be able to contribute to your family. You just have to be patient and keep your eyes focused on the prize. Don't give up on applying for scholarships and grants. You never know when something might come through for you. If you are really bothered by this, then perhaps you can arrange for a part time job to help with your expenses. Just make certain that you can keep up with your school work. Best wishes.


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I do work, and chip in what I can, towards my expenses. This summer, too, I'll be participating in a paid internship and plan to give half of the money I make to my mom to help out. I guess it really is just a waiting game. Thank you

I wouldn't say it's a "silly" reason -- I think it's perfectly reasonable to be feeling disappointed. But you have to think about the numbers; there are soooo many nursing students, many of them also applying for all the scholarship opportunities they can identify and qualify for, and comparatively few scholarships -- it just figures, statistically, that most of them are going to be disappointed ... :(

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Yup, most scholarships require some "extra" thing in your application that just depends on the mood of the people selecting who gets it.....example...both of the hospital scholarships went to folks that worked for each one...other ones went to people who had time for the extra clubs for the nursing program....such is life..

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