A reminder about the nasal Flu vaccine..

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Anyone who has received this should not be coming into your unit for 3 weeks as it is shed for that long. We just had a mom and dad who got that and now they can't come in for 3 weeks! The mom told us that she even asked her GP about it and he told her she was fine, she could visit the baby! We feel awful, but ID said no way!

Just a PSA :)

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I thought the virus was dead. hmmm . . .

Thought-provoking. Guess I'd better go read up on it.




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The way I understood it, the shot is not live but the nasal is.

Those poor parents! It is hard enough on them without this ban on visiting. :( to their doc for not reading up on this!


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That's what I was told. All of us in the NICU were specifically warned against getting the nasal spray for that reason, so I just had the shot like I do every year.

Yes, the nasal spray is a live virus. Good reminder!

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