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A nurse struggled with COVID-19 trauma. He was found dead in his car


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pixierose, BSN, RN

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So heartbreaking. May he finally find his peace.

Working on a COVID unit, and being immunocompromised, I’ve felt that very real fear. Hearing a code and feeling that frustration as you’re trying to quickly pull on that PPE (that same PPE you've been wearing for more than a week), knowing seconds count. I’ve also felt that social isolation ... hearing those voices rise saying “oh well, you can quarantine but not me, the (insert young/healthy/whatever other misinformed descriptor of why someone won’t wear a mask or practice universal precautions).”

There will be multiple types of victims to this virus; we need to work together to protect each other. Sadly, this won’t happen.

We will need some extra efforts spent helping these workers deal with their traumatic stress.

Tait, MSN, RN

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I was just talking to my CNO yesterday about stress management. Apparently my hospital is reporting the highest levels of moral distress in our hospital system. I recently started exploring our resources and found classes on leadership in COVID, 4 am zooms with yoga, HIIT, and Barre trainers. So I am planning a week long mental health resources push for the first week of June. I am going to get out there and let our staff know what is available.