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OK, this is my first post. I am a hospital corpsman in the Navy, and I have been a sailor for 6 years as of yesterday. I am taking my next biggest step in life, I have decided to attend EC. I put in my application last week, and requested all of my previous transcripts. I am looking to hear back from EC. I figured since I will be in NC for another year I might as well knock out my dream goal (to be a nurse). :D

I have ordered a Microbiology book, Micro deMystified, and Laredas discs. I am so excited to be able to do this. This is the one course I know I will have to do, so I will work to study and take the exam next month.

I want to take one test a month. I was a nursing assistant for four years before being a corpsman, and I am going to do some volunteer work at the hospital a few towns over so I can regain some of my skills.

I am posting this as I want to succeed through EC, and I figure I should submerge myself with others with similar goals. This was pretty much my intro, and I look forward to any and all advice, and I guess I look forward to learning from the rest of you! :D

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congrats on starting and good luck!

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Congratulations! Good luck to you, keep reading this board for LOTS of great suggestions and support! Micro is a good place to start... I am starting there, too. Let us know how your review goes...



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Welcome and congratulation on taking such a big step. I recommend that you read the community board for the nursing exams on EC website once you have been accepted in the program. They are loaded with info, tips, and support. Good luck!


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Good luck! Make a schedule and stick with it. I started in Febuary 2012 and only have the FCCA and CPNE to go. It is doable.

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Thank you for your service! :) Welcome to the madness!!! Haha. EC opened great doors for me!


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Thank everyone for the best wishes. I know it can take up to 3 years to complete. What is the average time to complete EC Nursing? I can't wait to see how this Micro test goes, I am still waiting for my materials to come in. This forum is just amazing. I am so glad that I found it, and get to know you all!

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Length of time for completion is so dependent on the person and on how many courses they have to take. I only had the nursing courses and physiology to take but I still took 2 years. For some reason I had a year break between too tests ! I studied a lot though and had all a's. I wanted to learn as much as I could , not just do the minimum to pass.

Good luck !

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I started in Oct of '10 and only had the nursing courses to do. I whipped out 4 by the end of 2010. Then my mom was dx. with recurrent ovarian ca and I had to take care of her for 6 months, so I didn't take any tests. Then I paid my next annual fee and decided I needed to get back to it I resumed tests in Oct '11 and completed my 7th test in Feb '12. Waited for EC to get me the paper form of the FCCA (its now online) Received it on April 10th sent it back to them and waited for them to clear me for the CPNE. Was eligble for the CPNE on May 14th took until June 7th for them to approve all of my paperwork they require (background check, CPR, Health certificate, and something else that I can't think of right now) Took their workshop on July30th thru Aug 2nd. I chose not to go the last day and instead called the MPAC to see if they had any cancellations (I still had not been given a date for my test) They had on for the weekend of Sept 7th-9th. I passed!!!!!! The reason I wrote this out like this is to try to show how it is difficult to say how long it will take you. If I hadn't had to take care of my mom, I could have finished 7 months sooner. However, there are other obstacles like all of the hurry up and wait. (I would guess you have been familiar with this since you are in the military :) I was in the Army for 6 yrs.) But anyway what was frustrating was EC's timeliness. I was working during this time but it was home health and pretty laid back. I have no children and have 26 yrs of nursing experience. I wish you the very best!!!!!!!

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Took my first exam May 14, 2007, and completed my CPNE June 15, 2008. One year, one month, and one day. :) And that was with a wait for the CPNE from application in November 2007 to testing in June 2008! Granted, I wanted time to study for the CPNE and complete two CLEPs and Micro, so I didn't list my "ready" date until May 31 ... that was part of the delay in getting my CPNE date. I also wanted only one site that was within 6 hours of driving of my house, so that made it take a little longer, too. But this can be done pretty quickly with the nose to the grindstone!