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A Little advance on inpatient evaluation

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Hello my fellow recovering nurses

I need a little advice because i am going for a five day evaluation on Monday. I am a nurse in Louisiana and I am in the RNP and have been since June 2007 when the board saved me from my disease. I have been clean and sober since June 15 2007 and in Feburary I was informed that i had a postive drug screen for Darvocet. I know I have not been using anything and I requested that the other half of the specimen be tested to make sure that was correct and it still came back postive. I know i had not been using and explained it to my case worker at the board and i was informed that i had to for an five day inpatient evaluation. I did not get all upset because i knew from the beginning that I am seen as an addict and what i say is probably not going to be trusted. I offered to do a hair screen to prove i have not been using and was denied. I understand from their standpoint that if the test come back postive my word is not going to mean anything and i can respect that. I accepted that i had a problem in June 2007 and have worked a strong recovery after a 45 day inpatient in the beginning because i was also suffering from depression and that was addressed also. I have not had any problems while in the program since i have been enrolled and i am scheduled to get out in Feb 2011. I have no problem doing the evaluation that i had to go borrow money for because i am not working but my thing is that i know i have not been using and i have a strong feeling that they may say that i am in denial about using again and may recommend treatment because i plan on telling them the truth that i have not been using and i have not relapsed. I have gotten 2 drug screens after that postive and they were both negative, i do not want to act like they are out to get me or their test is wrong but i know i have not been using. I just do not want to go there and they end up recommending all kinds of treatment when i am telling them the truth about not relapsing. I did some research on hair analysis and hope that if they do it at the evaluation it would prove that i have not relapsed. Does anyone have an advice or have experience with this type of situation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated because i have been stressing about this all week:crying2:. Thanks in advance


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I am afraid I can't give you any information as I really don't know, but I just want to tell you GOOD LUCK!

I have been totally opiate free for 1yr and benzo free for 6mo. I am really freaked out by your experience. I would be floored if I had a positive test for anything now, as I know I am not using ANYTHING! I would also be very inflammed with the BON or in my case the IPN if they did not believe me or at least take a hair sample.

Could you speak with a pharmacist or chemist to inquire as to what could cause a positive test for Darvocet?

The funny thing is-if I were going to relapse--I sure would not do it with Darvocet!!!!!!!!

Again, good luck and FIGHT this! You didn't do anything wrong so don't be so quick to accept guilt your post almost sounds as if you are resigned.



Has 15 years experience. Specializes in urgent care, medical surgical, ob/gyn,hh.

Thank you and i will fight this to the end and i figured doing what they ask me to do to prove my innocence will ll come out in the end I pray. The board told me that they did not believe me and if i did not go for an inpatient eval or treatment my license will be suspended. Getting the eval is my way of proving that i have not relapsed and i am willing to prove it anyway possible. The board told me also that they hear that kind stuff everyday so what i am telling them is falling on deaths ears because they have every excuse on earth. I figured since i have been in the problem all this time an never had a postive screen, all good reports from my aftercare, therpist and everything else they asked me to do and also having two negative screens since that screen. I can understand what they are saying because i am sure they have heard every excuse under the sun but with my history should have counted for something but i guess not.


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