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Okay I need a great a&p book that I an use to supplemnt me in my classes. It has to be straght to the point but informative. Do ya'll know of any? I need to know quick b/c I am leaving at 6pm central time to go to the book store. Flashcards that I can but may also be helpful.

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Well, you may be gone already, but the school book store should have good supplemental books.

Also, take pictures!! The pictures I have taken in lab has helped me sooooooo much!!

Good luck!


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I have used Shaum's guide to Anatomy and Physiology as a study guide supplement. I *love* it.


manna, BSN, RN

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I always hear people raving about the "Made incredibly easy" set of books - I'm pretty sure they have one for anatomy/physiology. Some people I've known also swear by the A&P coloring books...

Good luck! :)

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I liked the cliff notes Anatomy and Physiology book. I actuallly still use it to look up things quickly for pathophysiology. The nice thing about it is it's size. My anatomy text book was huge and weighed alot, I was able to carry the cliff notes bok with me everywhere. I also utilized alot of note cards.

Good luck!

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