A Bathroom Reminiscence

We learn many things from our patients. No matter how brief the encounter may be, their lives touch us in many ways, sometimes in a very profound way. This is one such encounter where an elderly patient reduced me to a sobbing mess with his emotional story of his past during World War II. Nurses General Nursing Article


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Thanks for sharing!


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you have such a way with words. "wishing his grunting effort will produce result soon" got a nice chuckle out of that statement. Keep them coming....


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I wonder if the Mom giving candy to innocent kids after losing her own kids just had a different nature than mine or did she have to work at it?

She probably did it for the son she had left. How scared would any mother be to see their children die and live through that. She did it for her son so he had a chance, a chance to be a good man. What a wonderful thing she did for him, he became a wonderful man because of her great example. Thank you for sharing.

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