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A&P 1 passing??


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I have a question, The first time I took it I got a "C" I am int he process of taking it again, but this time the teacher is really hard you can tell she is using it as a weed-out class. I am worried if I get a lower grade than a C this time then well there goes my chances of ever getting into nursing school since you can only take the course twice, and your most recent grade counts I am worried I may do worse. Should I drop? and take it in fall under a more practical professor or keep going and hope for the best? I need an answer soon please I am really worried.

A&P 1 is the only class I have had a C in the rest have been all A's except a B in A&P2 and a B in math.

Or should I just take the C and roll with it?

Well, you might want to find the BEST (easiest?) teacher for your learning style, and retake it. Ask fellow students, professors and sites like ratemyprofessor.com. I earned a C in A&PII, and when I asked my prof how close I was to a B, she said I would've easily gotten a higher grade at another college. "We're the hardest in the area," she explained. UGH! I wish I'd known that before I'd suffered through an entire semester stressing about my grade! I chose that school because it was closest to my home.)

Good luck to you, whatever you decide. :)

if your nusing school is not that tough to get into i would say stick with the C. if not, stay in the class and study hard! you've already taken it once, it should be easier this time! good luck.

Also, what are you finding difficult about the exams? Is your entire grade from exams?