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I will be a sophomore this upcoming fall and have taken no science pre reqs. I however have taken some requirements such as psych & anthropology both easy A's for me. I'm scheduled to take A&p and Chem in the fall but I want to know if Chem 2 is a pre request for anybody on here and also is it going to be hard to take A&p2 Micro and possibly chemistry 2 all in at once come spring semester? If I did I honestly wouldn't even take any other classes but those three just so I dnt damage my brain haha. For anyone who thinks it will be too much another question is how do you feel about the combination of A&p2 Micro and Nutrition? I'm not quite sure if Chemistry 2 is a requirement at all the schools I'm looking to transfer to, that's why I ask. Thanks in advance :-D

For the nursing schools in my state, you need 5 sciences. A&P 1, A&P 2, General Biology, Chemistry, & Microbiology. I took A&P 1 and Biology at the same time last semester and did great. I think 2 sciences a semester is doable but three?? I'm not so sure. However, only you know what you're capable of. But do not get in over your head. I am planning on taking Chemistry, Microbiology, Statistics, and Nutrition all in one sesmester! So Pray for me!!! To answer your question, Chemistry 2 is not required at most programs I know of. Only Chemistry 1! Though ALL nursing schools vary so look into that! Yes, I think you can do it! I'm a very optimistic person and I like to be realistic at the same time! Take A&P 2, Microbiology, and Nutrition at the same time!

Chem 2 was not a pre-requisite for me. A&P and Chem together should be doable, just be prepared to study a lot. Doing Micro, A&P2 and Nutrition together would also be doable, but again.. be prepared to study your butt off. A lot of these science classes overlap, in the sense of you learn about a lot of the same things from different angles. You might want to talk to an adviser at your school as well, to see what they recommend. Good luck!!

Depends on you. If you like to study and read, then you shouldn't have any trouble passing those classes.

It depends so much on the school, instructor, and student. There was no chem prereq for me at all, although I took it years ago anyway...and based on that...I would say A&P 2, microbio, and chem would be VERY rough. I did A&P 2 and microbio in the spring...no other classes...and it was the most stressful semester I have ever had (I have been in school a pretty long time due to me changing my major a thousand times). Can't imagine adding another lab science to that. So, if you can, I would go for A&P 2, microbio, and nutrition. Nutrition was pretty easy in my experience.

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It depends on the type of student you are and how much free time you have to devote to your studies. I'm taking 6 classes next semester (:eek:), but I also have the luxury of not having to work while going to school, nor do I have young kids at home (they're all grown, or semi-grown :) )

You'll need to check with the schools you want to apply to in order to determine if you need Chem 2. If you're going on for a BSN, many programs require Gen Chem and either Organic Chem or Bio Chem. Again, just depends on your program.

Good luck!!!

Can't comment on Chem 2, as I don't know what that is, where you are.

Took A&P2, and Micro, in Spring semester, despite my advisor's saying that would be a very heavy schedule. He was right.

Nutrition--depends. Tried this a year ago, as a totally on-line course. VERY heavy load, just by itself. Redoing this summer, as a lecture class. Piece of cake, even if that's not all that nutritious.

Where I'm at, they don't combine A&P. So I took Physiology, Nutrition and Micro. I got A's and it worked out because all the info ties into together.

Last semester I took A&P1, micro and nutrition all at the same time. Honestly, my nutrition was super easy and I got an A, unfortunately, I don't think I learned anything. My A&P and micro were really hard though. I was studying constantly for both of them.

I don't need chemistry as one of my prereqs so I haven't taken in. I would just recommended that you try to figure out what your personal limit is. If you're also volunteering regularly or working then I think A&P, micro, and chem might be overkill. But, again, just try to figure out what you personally can handle a semester and I know you do amazing. :nurse:

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