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A&P 1/ Chemistry

I was laid off from my full time job last week along with 8 other co-workers. I was planning on taking A&P 2 nights a week and then Chem on Saturdays and essentially missing out on a lot of my kids stuff. They understand but it doesn't make it any easier (they are turning 13 on Wed- b/g twins) so being laid off was seen as a good thing even though money is going to be tight. Now I can take my classes 2 days during the week and have plenty of time to study since my A&P grade is major part of ranking to get into the nursing program.

Anyway, apparently the Unemployment Department doesn't make exceptions for students and expects me to apply to 2-3 jobs a week, attend job fairs, etc. to collect my unemployment. Has anyone else had to face this type of issue?

I'm just feeling really down today on how to make it all work out.

It doesn't take a lot of work to attend a job fair or apply for a job.

I know it doesn't take a lot of work to apply for jobs but attending job fairs especially when I haven;t lived in the area I'm in for very long and they could involve long travel times could conflict with class & labs times. My skills set is varied- I worked retail for 15 years, worked as an administrative assistant for 5 1/2 years and I've been a volunteer EMT for 4 years.

I guess my main concern would be someone hiring me that would take my crazy schedule and then my clinical schedule into consideration next year when I start them.

Are these mandatory fairs in your area? Typically they will stay off your back if you do "x" amount of job activities and you pick where you apply and what job fairs you attend. Hopefully it's not the much different in your area. My ex husband was on unemployment for quite some time and it took almost no time to fulfill the weekly requirements which they almost never checked. Get this semester out of the way and actually get into the nursing program before you worry about the next step.

The paperwork they sent isn't very clear and when I contacted the unemployment office to get answers the person couldn't give me one...lol. I guess a trip to the office to try to get some answers will be in order in the next week to figure it out.


Why don't you get a part time job? Maybe as a nurses aide, or a unit secretary? Hospitals are usually really good about working around a school schedule.


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