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Hi everyone,

I am looking for some advice to give me some inner peace with a decision I have to make. I have been a nurse for 10 years-with the majority of my experience in ICU, though I started in mental health. I recently (10 months ago) took a per diem position on L&D. It was not my first choice; I would have preferred mental health but there were no available positions at the time and I needed a change from ICU. I got accepted to my psychiatric mental health NP program starting next semester, as this is what I always thought I wanted. The thing is; I am loving L&D and do not want to leave. But then I think, what is the point if I'm not going to be a midwife (I could never handle that schedule). My question is: Do you think I can or should stay on L&D while I work toward my pmhnp. I just turned down a job shadowing experience on mental health which may have lead to a position. The other concern I have is that I am currently a per diem on L &Da nd the flexibility is wonderful for me to work around my upcoming course load. It is not an ideal time for me to start a full time orientation process to mental health and get to know new coworkers, policies, etc. The other thing being that as I am a new OB nurse: will working once or twice a week be enough to keep me competent enough to work? Recently a coworker of mine expressed concern that I seemed unsure of myself and wondered if I needed additional orientation to gain exposure to situations I have not yet encountered. I was really upset by this as I have been working my ass off and thought I was doing a good job having been off orientation for 8 months, handling situations as well as can be expected-so I thought. That is a whole other discussion. My manager thinks I'm doing great and I have been getting good feedback from most people and have had no other complaints. I do ask a lot of questions and seek out help when needed. I thought that was a good thing, but according to some, it makes people distrustful and unsure of my knowledge. I know I need to work more to get more experience/confidence, but I can't work too many hrs and sacrifice my school. I guess I just need to hear that its ok to love 2 areas of nursing at once and that I can still work toward my goal of becoming a pmhnp working 12-16 hrs a week on L&D. Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to read this and reply. Sorry for the length and lack of editing!

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I would vote stay where you are in L&D. You have mental health experience and know that is the direction you want to go in so by keeping your already-established L&D prn position, you will allow yourself time for school and outside activities.

I agree with you that starting a new job is stressful and also requires a lot of time.

And, as to the naysayer in L&D; ignore them. Maybe they were having a bad day, maybe their personality is negative, a lot of maybes. If everyone else says that you are doing well, go with the majority.

One person's opinion one time should not break you; your manager would let you know if there was a problem.

Stay with the per diem position you have now while attending school.

And of course you can love more than one area/type of nursing!! It's a wonderful thing that we are capable of enjoying multiple things in our lives.

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I agree, stay with L&D. The flexibility will be great for you. There are people in school for their psychiatric NP with no psych experience at all. You have the experience, know it's what you want to do. Why not work in another area while you have the chance, and actually enjoy your job. Nothing wrong with that.

As far as one person saying they feel you need more orientation... It's nursing, there will ALWAYS be something you have not encountered. As well as someone who is harder on you than others. If your manager and the rest of your coworkers have not expressed concern then don't worry about it. Nothing wrong with asking questions. Just be sure it's when you really need help. Some people will look for feedback too frequently, when what they are really looking for is someone to tell them they are doing a good job. Given the length of your experience though, sounds like you are probably just being safe.

Good luck to you!


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Stay w/L&D. It sounds like the ideal situation for someone in school.

It is wonderful to be able to enjoy different areas of nursing and be blessed enough to be able to follow your dreams. Good luck!:redbeathe

tewdles, RN

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Exposure to many types of nursing will enrich you in your career. L&D rocks!


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I'd say stay in L&D while you go to school for sure. You like it, you have flexibility...sounds good.

As for seeming unsure of yourself sometimes...well quite frankly, with just 10months experience you SHOULD be unsure of yourself still! At least some of the time, if you know what I mean. If we had someone on our unit with that much experience, I'd be more worried if they seemed super confident.

I'm about to hit my 5 yr mark, and there are still times where I feel unsure of what I should do. That's why I ask questions.


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