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I have an issue with my prn job. I got a call a few days ago about an aide that apparently did'nt do any showers on my hall the last time I worked (over a week ago). I honestly can't remember which aide she is or what she said so I could'nt tell the DON anything besides "she said something about a couple of the residents not wanting a bath". Well, now I get a form in the mail wanting a written statement from me relating to the aide and which residents she completed, could'nt do, ect. I was too busy passing my meds and doing treatments to get done on time to really pay attention to what showers she did or did'nt do. Like I said, I do remember somebody saying a couple residents did'nt feel up to showers that night, so I'm assuming it was her. I did'nt realize she did'nt do any showers though. I'm not sure how to fill this out without making stuff up, but will probably get in trouble if I don't fill it out so I'm not sure what to do. I guess I don't "need" this job as I normally only get maybe 1 day a month, but don't want to leave a bad record either as I've been there a couple years. Any advice as to what I can put if I honestly can't remember any specifics?


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This really sounds like a situation that could get your rear in a sling. As the aide's immediate supervisor it was your responsibility to make a (mental) note of who the aide was, what patients didn't get showerd and why.

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^that's what I was thinking too, but what can I do now after the fact? I guess all I can do is be honest and say what I can remember (which is'nt much) and say I didn't know they were'nt done as she never told me (just the two that I can remember).


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In the future, be sure to document who refuses showers/care and why. That way people can go back and check. I document everything from "Resident refused to take out dentures for cleaning" to "Resident refused suppository". You just never know who might be looking into these things.

As for your current situation, I guess all you can do is be honest. Wouldn't the aide have charted somewhere that the residents had refused?