Wyoming - Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

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    Possibly getting offered a job at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, any thoughts on if this is a decent hospital to work at?

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    Could someone answer this, Indeed.com comments are very negative.
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    I know a number of people who work there(>8). I've never really put it to them but they all seem to be satisfied. They are the only hospital game in town, next to the VA. Do you live there? Moving there? If you go south 40 minutes you can work for Poudre Valley (University system) or Northern Colorado Medical Center (Banner). Much bigger hospitals and systems.
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    Thanks, wonder who those people are dogging them out??
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    Just curious, were you offered a job? I might possibly be offered a job at CRMC as well and wondered how it's employees feel about working there... I know this Hosp has gone thru a lot of recent changes in staff and management and I'm hearing some pretty positive things. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Im also thinking applying here. I am experienced so I think my chances of hire will be good. I was just wondering also if anyone knows about the facility. I'm looking into their PCU department or float pool. Also if anyone has any info on living in Wy that would be great! I've been to the state once and it was beautiful.
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