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Hello all, I'm new to the site after a 2 year absence and I am very impressed at how the site has developed into something really spectacular! I was just curious how many other Wyoming nurses are participating. I'm an LPN in... Read More

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    I am a student nurse here in Marbleton wy taking classes online out of Western Wyoming Community College. I was wondering if there was a student org here in wyo. I have a grandmother who is a volunteer at the hospital in Worland. You might know Ruth Bower.

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    Hello Wyoming people!!

    I was orignally from Rock Springs, Wy. Since i was 11 years old i moved to missouri because of the divorced. I have thought about moving to Wyoming after I finish with RN program. My husband and I went to Wyoming last summer for vacation and I really miss it. We would like to move, but I am afraid for them not to hired me because i am Hard of hearing.

    Do you think they will hired me with no trouble??

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    Hi, Viking woman. I'm an RN in Pinedale. Home health. We're facing a lot of challenges here with adding hospice to our HH agency. I went to Nursing school in Missoula Montana 31 years ago. It's been an interesting ride from then to now. Hope all is well for you in Worland.
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    To the worland nurses do you know my Grandmother Ruth Bower she is a volunteer at the hospital there.
    I am going into nursing, will be going to powell for the schooling.
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    Riverton, Wyoming here. I love my job, and the economy is really strong--so it is a great time to be living in this state. Plus it is beautiful!
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    I just relocated back to Lander (where I grew up).....working in a rural hospital is MUCH different than what I am used to in CO. RN to pt ratios are worse and I took a $6/hr pay cut! And due to the energy boom housing prices have skyrocketed!
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    I'm a student in Evanston, brand new to Wy. I love it here!

    I'm going to Western Wyoming Community College.
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    Quote from bettyboop1121
    I'm a student in Evanston, brand new to Wy. I love it here!

    I'm going to Western Wyoming Community College.

    I'm jealous!!!!! Can we switch places please? You can take care of my mom here in Washington and I can be a student again.

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