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Hey, y'all! Okay, I know this could get a bit scary, so if you're not into this kind of thing, please move on! This has the potential to become VERY GRAPHIC. Disclaimer over. ;>) However, I'm... Read More

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    Thanks! I responded at the end of the thread.
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    Dear. God.
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    I was assisting with a full body dressing change for a patient with TENS. lifted her hand so it could be wrapped...

    ..and her whole hand neatly degloved, ripping at the wrist. I was left holding her hand up by an inside-out glove of skin, attached only around her fingernails.

    I was horrified, naturally, as I was only a student at the time. The nurse said not to worry about it- apparently two days prior he was turning a brand new admission to the burn unit, and her hand was so charred it just snapped off in his hands like a cheeto.
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    Oh, come on, APO525...that's half the reason I went into nursing! YOLO

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