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Hey, y'all! Okay, I know this could get a bit scary, so if you're not into this kind of thing, please move on! This has the potential to become VERY GRAPHIC. Disclaimer over. ;>) However, I'm... Read More

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    I was working in the ER one Sunday morning and a gentlemen presented with the complaint that his eyes were burning. Upon further assessment of the situation, his eyes were burning because of the copious amount of purulent drainage that was dripping off his head. This poor gentlemen had a skin condition they called atopic dermatitis.(I call it YUCK!) When he took his stocking hat off, it appeared as though someone had dumped a can of split pea soup over his head. It wasn't just his head though, it was his entire skin surface. I have never seen so much pus in my life. The particular highlight for me was however when I was given the privelage of fishing out the wads of cottonballs that he had packed in his ears to keep the pus from running down into his ear canals.
    Just another day in paradise!

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    I just have one story. I had this pt later on their stay. Well evidently they have a lot of cats at home and they got scratched by one and later was admitted for i thinkm chf comps. upon standing to be weighed her leg burst and maggots flowed out of their leg endlessly.
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    We once had a s/p CABG guy in the SICU whose sternum became infected requiring removal of his sternum. We had to do wet to drys right on his heart.
    Ewwww, we have one of those right now. Thank God I'm not a heart nurse yet (although I guess my time will come).:chuckle
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    While I was in nursing school I had a paitient come into the hospital with her greater right toe missing due to gangrene. We asked her where the toe was and she said she could not bring it in because the cat ate it. That one got me.
    I had the chance to work with leaches they are very cool. I did not like having to kill them once they had done the job.
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    OK, I think I'm gonna throw up now!! That's one of the grossest things I have EVER read. I was going to tell a new story--actually, it happened just last night when one of my young-adult unit (LTC) residents asked the CNA to help "clean him up". She had never taken care of him before and didn't know his history (he's a head-injured patient who also happens to be a sexual predator). To make a long story short, the rotten little b*****d had been watching a XXX-rated movie in his room, and when she handed him a washcloth, he "slimed" her. YUCK. But that's not half as disgusting as the cat eating a gangrenous toe (gag, retch). I looked at one of my own cats just now and asked her if any of them would do such a thing. She just stared back at me and licked her chops.:uhoh21:
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    I was helping in the ER one evening and a farmer was brought in. He had been ran over by a full hopper wagon of soybeans with the hitch slicing him up the back from his rectum to his midback. Very sad. His wife found him in the field. He was DOA.
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    Iam lovin' this thread! don't stop!! Tell me more!!
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    COOL COOL !!!! love the wound stories !!!!! I do wound care part time for home health ..and I have been known to quiver with excitement when I get a new wet draining .... wound ......My husband thinks I am one sick puppy ......glad I am not the only one ....tee hee
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    oh..and there was once a pt who had slipped in th etub..ya know that lever for plugging/unpluggint the drain? ya know how some tubs have it one the tub spigot? she slipped and fell and..well...ripped her @$$h0le....
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