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  1. 0 Hi I'm a Personal Care Aide in Va for almost three years. I have over 16 yrs of experience in mental illness because of my oldest child has multiple disabilities and I made sure I studied to learn the medical field. But my topic of choice is I take care of a patient who is handicap and wheelchair bound. I am paid below wages and I do wound care everyday and order the supplies for the colostomy. Please can someone please help find a way i can get my Wound Care Certificate so I can make what I'm suppose to be making. Thank you for your time.
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    Im not sure if its possible.. I would contact your state BON and ask. What type of wound care are you doing? As an aide, this may be outside of your scope.
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    I agree with Sun0408. The type of wound care nurses with that certification do may likely be out of the scope of practice for a home health aide in your state. I know how hard HHAs and caregivers work and I agree they are underpaid but that is dictated by market forces and hard to change, unfortunately.
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