the role of FNP in hyperbarics - page 2

Hey Gang, I'm in FNP school at Duke doing a directed research class at the hyperbaric chamber. I'm trying to figure out what role I could possibly play in hyperbarics as an FNP. I suppose I could... Read More

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    My chiropractor has a low pressure chamber, 1.5 atmospheres, that he has a ton of lituture on and they treat a lot of autisim, TBI, MS and other neurological problems with good success. I think that many also use the chamber as part of their wellness care. Oxygenation is good for the cells and toxcic to bacteria/viruses. I guess I don't know that this gives you anything, but one option might be to open your own hyperbaric chamber to treat wounds, bends, neuro or wellness programs. Good luck, Gary
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