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Hey Gang, I'm in FNP school at Duke doing a directed research class at the hyperbaric chamber. I'm trying to figure out what role I could possibly play in hyperbarics as an FNP. I suppose I could... Read More

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    Tim, I'm sorry, but your specialty choice is rather narrow. Like I said, I've never met an NP in this specialty track. Not to say I or the other members do not want to assist you. We are just not familiar with this area.

    What does the program that you are currently in say about the APN and hyperbaric medicine?

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    I keep checking back to see what info you will find. Darn! I am just starting in hyperbarics and I am having a lot of trouble finding very much info. Especially "nurse" related info. I have a feeling though that by the time I could obtain my FNP there would likely be a place for us? It seems to be growing.

    If you find any information I would love it if you would share it here.

    I am hoping to find my place in the hyperbaric field.

    Thank you for asking the question. Maybe in a few years you can answer it.

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    I used to work in a hyperbaric chamber which was used day to day for wound care, but also emergently for bent divers and critical care patients. As far as I can see, the docs are only needed for the acutely ill patients. I can see no reason as to why there could not be a nurse-run clinic - nurses already do the wound assessment and there are set guidelines for which tables are run and how long the treatment course is. Very interesting niche - good luck!!
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    My chiropractor has a low pressure chamber, 1.5 atmospheres, that he has a ton of lituture on and they treat a lot of autisim, TBI, MS and other neurological problems with good success. I think that many also use the chamber as part of their wellness care. Oxygenation is good for the cells and toxcic to bacteria/viruses. I guess I don't know that this gives you anything, but one option might be to open your own hyperbaric chamber to treat wounds, bends, neuro or wellness programs. Good luck, Gary

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