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I was seriously asked by one of the attendings to text pictures of wounds during rounds to his cell phone. Needless to say I said "No, but you're more than welcome to come on fridays when we do... Read More

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    Quote from maddock26;
    When I confronted the MD about the request with the statement "why did you ask me to do something you knew illegal?" He stated a lot of the MD's at the "big hospital" do it. I'd be ****** if someone took a picture of a wound on my rear and sent it around to anyone/everyone. Has anyone else heard of doing this? Texting pictures.

    You were not asked to send it around to anyone/everyone, you were asked to send it to the attending. I don't know how secure a photo is when sent by phone is, but sending medical information electronically to a physician directly involved in the patients care is not automatically "illegal."

    However, declining to do it until there is a clear policy in place is perfectly appropriate.

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    I'm a Director of nursing at a SNF and the wound care director. This is an absolute breech of confidentially. Even texting an MD for orders is a HIPPA violation. If I found out that anyone of my staff nurses did this, they would be terminated on the spot. Imagine if that was your family member!! Come on people... Be an advocate for your patients
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    Text messaging is not secure...and therefore that is a potential HIPAA violation.

    Where i work, we have a digital camera that the supervisor keeps...If we need to document wounds, we take pictures and then give the camera back to the supervisor who prints out the pictures to be placed in the patient's chart. That way all providers can see what the wound looks like. We have never used cell phones to take pictures of wounds.
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    unless you have a VERY strange wound, which would be identifiable unto itself, I don't get the problem. As long as the shot was a close up with no identifiable objects. We have a doc that wants to be text for initial contact on occassion, but he will CALL back.

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