Post-op Wound Care

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    I will be having hand surgery soon (Trigger finger release) and need some post-op wound/dressing advise. The surgeon's instructions are to keep it dry for 2 weeks, changing the bandage once daily and clean it with "peroxide"! I've been away from med-surg for awhile, but I do know that this is out-dated advise.

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    I would ask the doctor for clarification on the peroxide cleansing. When we cleanse with peroxide we use a 50/50 of peroxide and sterile water because of the risk of killing new tissue with full strength peroxide. Best of luck for a speedy recovery.
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    I'm not an expert on this, but if it were me, I'd get another opinion. I know where I work, we never use peroxide...diluted or not. A friend of mine loves to use 50/50 peroxide and sterile water on really stinky sloughing wonds, but I don't think a clean surgical site is the place for peroxide. I think sterile saline is best if it must be cleansed. Since it's your hand, it's probably a good idea since it will come in contact with a lot. Good luck!
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    why on earth would he suggest cleaning a wound with peroxide. i could understand if it was sloughy but then only 50-50 mix you would be better off with either saline or tap water is just as good!!!!!!!!!!!!! research shows

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