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itrested in Hyperbaric Nursing

  1. 0 i was wondering what all Hyperbaric Nursing includes. would i be at an advantage b/c i am an avad scuba diver? any info. would help. Thanks!
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    Depends on the unit and type of chamber. At the hospital I did this at, I was an ICU nurse who did on-call dives as required (either iCU patients or divers). It would be an advantage that you're a diver in that you'd understand the language. Disadvantage in that you can't dive (water) within a certain timeframe of diving (work).

    Most of the caseload at our large multiplace chamber was wound care, diabetic ulcers etc 9-5, then bent divers or ICU patients out of hours. I don't think I could have done this fulltime (too many wound dressings etc) but it was interesting to do part time.
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    I'm sorry, I just graduated and I've only ever heard of this field of nursing. What is it exactly and what's the point? Any information would be appreciated.
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    Here's a link that should help to explain what hyperbaric nurses do:

    Hyperbaric Nurses
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    Thanks! :spin: