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how do i become a wound care nurse

  1. 0 i am an RN in ohio and want to become certified as a wound care nurse for travel purposes, do i NEED a bacheolors and if not how do i do this?
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    Hello jpearsonrn! Welcome to allnurses.

    To connect with wound care nurses go to the "specialty tab" under the allnurses logo then click on "Nursing Specialties". On that page go to the very bottom and click on "wound, ostomy & ureterostomy". There is probably a ton of great info in that link.

    Good luck!
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    yes, BSN first.
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    You can go to the WOCN website about this. I think you do need to have a Bachelors degree
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    i just went to a weeklong course by wcei (they're based in wisconsin but travel to teach every where) and on the last day you take a test that is done by nwca. the test is pass/fail and if you pass you are considered "wound care certified". i am an lpn. it is also offered to rn, and pt/pta.
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    I went to the course with WCEI too and it was amazing! The certification was a bonus to a week of great knowledge. I have been working in wound care for a long time and learned a lot of things that week. You do not need a BSN to get a WCC with National Alliance of Wound Care. They came in and did the exam on the last day of the class. Their web site is and wcei is Wound Care Education Institute Good luck!

    Lisa Marie
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    Hi LisaMarie,
    Wondering how you liked the WCEI course. Im thinking about attending in Feb in the Philly area. Did your place of employment pay for the course? ( it's a bit pricey...I'd be paying out of my pocket).
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    Hi, I am thinking about taking this course also in June. Could you please keep in touch with me to let me know how it goes. I plan to take the four week course. I do do not have the clinical experience, so I need to take the 120 hours clinical after the one week classroom course. I am currently looking for a nurse as a preceptor. Donna
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    Hi DRW.RN,

    I decided to hold off on this course for a bit. I am pursuing a position in a per diem position at a LTC facility as well as a nursing agency that provides a wound care service. Both options will allow me to get immediate wound care experience without having a BSN. I will plan to explore a certification course after I do some clinical time at both of these places. I'm hoping to negotiate reimbursement from one or the other.
    I guess that you can call it the "back door" option.

    Let me know if you decide to register in June. I'd like to get your feedback.
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    Hi, Yrmajesty3,
    I live in MA and work in CT. Rigth now I work in an office for a surgeon. I graduated in May 2010 so I don't have a lot of clinical experience. I really want to take the wound care training. I have a few agencies I will be getting in touch with to inquire about preceptors. I will keep you informed. Anyone know of certified wound care nurse willing to help let me know.

    Thanks, Donna

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