horizontal hostility in WOCN?

  1. First of all, I am NOT a WOCN nor do I have any wound certification.

    I'd like to continue my education and eventually get certification for wound specialty, but politics and culture in nursing has made me question continuing in nursing at all. I have a "poll," if you will... I am curious about whether it is easier to avoid such horizontal hostility within a specialty such as this, that often remove you from "floor" nursing...

    - Did you work on a hospital floor/LTC or otherwise for any extended period of time before becoming wound care certified... for how long?
    - Did you experience bullying/horizontal hostility prior to becoming a WOCN
    - Did you/do you experience bullying/horizontal hostility or witness it otherwise as a WOCN?

    Thank you so much, I truly need this input... I really love nursing, I am passionate about wounds, but I am so hurt, discouraged and disheartened by the politics and hostility that I am very hesitant to invest more in a career that may end up only causing more heartache. Thanks for all your thoughts.
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  3. by   pistolchick
    Is this subject too hot to handle, or no one has experience? I am so anxious to hear from someone who has been there...
  4. by   groovy jeff
    i work at a small acute rehab hospital and i have not personally experienced any horizontal violence. however we do have a couple of folks that think they are super-nurse that can get a little uppity; i just don't let it bother me.

    i think that many times we cause our own problems in our work relationships. at other times there are those folks that are truly miserable and they don't hesitate to share it with others. find a couple of good, experienced, and respected nurse to mentor you; not just in regards to nursing, but also how to handle the various personalities that are on the floor.
  5. by   wound warrier
    I worked years as a staff nurse before I became a wound/ostomy nurse. Floor nursing is tough, and you will always be confonted with back-stabbers and nasty people. However, as a wound/ostomy nurse I am pretty much on my own. I do consults all day thru-out the hospital, and therefore do not get mixed up in the "mickey mouse crap" that goes on on the units. It has been a great fit for me, and I love what I do.
  6. by   nola1202
    I'm easily wounded myself (feelings) I haven't had a bad experience yet, working as or talking with a WOCN, or WCC. This seems to be a personality type that is into teaching and learning. I haven't seen on the WOCN Specialty site any heated exchanges that question credentials, or suggest the other person may not be "as good as, as smart as..."
    I have run into some jealousy or maybe territorial behavior from floor nurses and CNA's. Mostly it's the "but we've always used such and such a product and it works just fine, or with Home Care family members wanting to use "Aunt Lucy who's a Nurse's" Bourbon soaked wet to dry dressings (kidding) on that stage 4 sacral ulcer.
    That kind of stuff usually works out with persuading them to humor you, and try the new technique for 2 weeks then re-evaluate, also backing up with articles, n stuff. That and I make a practice of checking in with the ones who seem interested and on board with the new approach and especially the ones who are not so sure of the new treatment approach.
    So really it's kind of fun, not mean spirited stuff like people trying to get you in trouble.
    The one thing I've noticed from this site, is to be aware of how many people are watching you! They are looking to WOCN's to really know their subject and to utilize excellent technique. So act as if your Nursing instructor is watching you!