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Hi everyone, I am an RN with 6 years ER/cardiac experience. On a whim one day I applied for a job with an agency that hires nurses for Saudi Arabia hospitals, specifically, the city of Hail. ( I never dreamed I would get the... Read More

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    68k a year based on 36 hrs? 40hrs? 44hrs?

    Can you shed some light on the pay. Is overtime available? What is the overtime rate? Do you get paid in dollars or Saudi money?

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    Sorry for the late response nephron
    All you need is one year of hospital experience. When you get here there's an orientation, plenty of skills workshop with CEU's, and you have a preceptor your first month of work.
    You can break your contract at any time, but if you do so before the end of your three month probation, you have to pay your own airfare back home. It's not like stateside contracts where you are penalized with a fee for the apartment, etc.
    Alot of the US, Canadian, and Australian people I've met originally came here to do a one year contract but end up staying for 2-5 years.
    The popular places to travel to are: Egypt, Israel, Turkey, South Africa, Germany, and the UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai).
    Feel free to ask me anything
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    Again, sorry for the late response surething

    This is our work week: Five 12-hour shifts one week, Two 12-hour shifts the next week. So basically, you're working one extra shift in a 2 week period. Once per month, you're also required to pick up what's called a "king" shift. So in a total month, you work 3 extra shifts more than you're accustomed to working in the states.
    Overtime is SO available. My unit rotates it among us evenly, we do a first and second OT call,. When you're needed, they go in order of the OT call list. The first OT shift is paid 7% of your base pay, the second OT shift is 15%, etc. We can't go over 8 OT shifts in a month though.
    We are paid in saudi riyals, but the exchange rate is locked in @ 3.75 for our contracts. We are paid once per month via electronic deposit to a saudi bank account. The account is set up when you arrive and your iqama has been processed.
    You earn 4.3 vacation days per month, so we get 54 vacation days per year. Its smart to plan short vacations instead of taking all your leave at once because the week you work the 2 shifts, you can go on vacation for 6 days but only use up 2 days of vacation time. During the first 3 months here, you're on probation and not allowed to use vacation time, and your iqama (saudi work card/passport) is not ready for 2-3 months anyway.
    I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask me anything.
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    I also forgot to add that if you ever get tired of M/S, after working here for a year, you can cross train to another specialty. They will train you for any specialty, including all of the required classes (ACLS, EKG and arrthymia, PALS, fetal monitoring, vents, etc.)
    In the states its hard to get a position in another specialty without long term commitment and a lowered pay rate, especially if they have to train you.
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    I have been in contact w/ HZ agency about a position at King Faisal hospital in Riyadh. I am seriously considering going for this. I am excited to hear that you can crosstrain different units...I have wanted to transition to SICU for a while, but it is difficult to do so at my current hospital (and I'm worried I'll get there and not like it).

    Californianurse, I am trying to PM you, but can't figure it out (I'm new to this website). What unit do you work on? Are you at king faisal hospital? thanks for all the info!

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    Nephron don't worry, I can't even figure how to find threads I posted in or how to reply back to emails lol. Anyway, as far as choosing a city, Jeddah works better for me. I originally planned to go to Riyadh until I learned the housing is shared. They're pretty big apartments but I just don't do comfy cozy roommate. Both hospitals in both cities have the same name : King Faisal Research Hospital. I work in pediatric cardiology.
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    hi there,,, anyone who have tried working in Hail city saudi arabia?need your feed backs please about the place,,,tnx in advance:
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    California girl1974 are there any positions open at your hospital? I like having my own place too! RN 19 years, last 5 years in cath lab pre post area have some charge RN experience. The money sounds great and having the second week with only two days!!!! I want to sign up!! How is your day broken up for breaks? did you have a verbal examto pass when you got there in order to be lisenced?
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    Hello My Name is Kimerley, new to this site, I took a look at it back in Dec, haven't been back on until now. Anyways looking to find out info on King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. I have accepted a position in their Cath Lab. I start April 12th. If any one has tips on what to expect and or how to pack for this incrediable journey, I am all ears.
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    Can you get hired directly into a specialty, or does everyone start M/S? I have 3 years ER experience and would feel pretty uncomfortable trying to go back to floor nursing. The money and travel experience sound amazing! Do you find other travelers like to go to visit other countries/vacation together, or do you travel alone?

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