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Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school credentials) u must have these 3... Read More

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    if your asking HAAD requirements - so far i know BLS is requirement now yun hindi expire,den 2 years exp 1 years medical surgical some say now 3 years...u can take haad exam even thou udont have enough experience but problem is HAAD exam in pearsonvue is only one component of licensing...so if u dont have enough experience dont waste your time and money because you will not able pass DATA flow procedure.

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    i have some few questions to ask coz im in a dilemma right now, whether or not go to abu dhabi since my sister is there.

    1. carried ang exp as volunteer or as trainee?
    2.just in case, working as nurse asst there e added 2 yrs exp?

    tnx po
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    hi! i just got here in dubai, i am planning to take the DHA exam .. one of its requirements is the certificate of good standing..can anyone tell me where i can get it?
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    Take care and goodluck! You can request and claim than at PRC Manila.
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    Oh no.. Im already in dubai.. Cant i just pass my certificate of employment instead?
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    I don't think those certificates are the same. Try to ask nurses from there or maybe here who are already in Dubai.From what I know, the certificate of good standing should come from PRC and not from your Phil employer (COE). I suggest that you ask someone to do it on your behalf, scan it and send it through email.
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    thanks so much! =) i got my mom to ask my former employer (stlukes) for the certificate =) now all im worrying about is the exam itself. do u have an idea if its hard? i heard its a verbal exam with 3 panels..
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    Hey just to remind you the certificate of good standing is from PRC and not from your employer. Try to look for the thread concerning HAAD exam, i only had local and nclex so i dont have idea about HAAD. I dont think there is a verbal part in that exam. Goodluck!
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    Just trying to share what I know and be thankful to whoever jojoms is that. Unfortunately, you are not referring to the same person.
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    Quote from jrm24
    Sorry I am not and just to remind you, you are not suppose to post a comment in tagalog as per admin rule or else your post will be deleted or be translated.

    my bad,^_^ sorry..are u under SEHA sir ?

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