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I'm interested in working in Dubai eventually after i qualify next year and would like to hear from any nurses who have worked or are working in that region. Any advice etc would be appreciated Thanks!... Read More

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    Quote from nina9404
    Just want to ask how long, in general, are contracts in Dubai? Does or can anyone suggest a good agency? How does one go about getting a job there? Do they require a work experience? I only have volunteer work experience, with a month and a half training in hemodialysis. I am just thinking of trying it there because of the retrogression in the US. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!
    It depends on your contract, normally 3 years then renewable... They prefer with experience. Try to surf and type Dubai employment opportunity, maybe you can find any website or try to type Gulfnews or Khaleej newspaper.

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    You need tp pass an examination to get DOH licence to work in Dubai and MOH licence to work in ministry hospiatals.Life is easy or hard depends on how much salary you get.there are 12 hrs shift also 8 hrs shift.shortage of nurses,work load is more-again depend where u get posting.Humidity in Dubai kills-HUH=====It is islamic country you have to follow their rules and regulations------Dubai is better but still one should know how to speak and understand arabic to work in good hospital,referral hospital provides translators to specialist or consultant only-surf net-----grass is always green on either side
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    Thanks arys1075 and flyinghigh!
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    I am also exploring the idea of working in uae. Have heard horror stories regarding agencies, any ever hood of any good ones?
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    requirements....anyone?im interested in dubai too!
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    hey. try ABBA employment agency, just google it. they have employers coming here this month and its for direct hiring. also, is it true that i have to take an exam first before working there as a nurse?! i'm already arranging my papers and i have a relative there who would sponsor me. but i've also tried applying online to hospitals in dubai. you should try it too.
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    Does anyone know the work of a dental nurse in a dental center of a hospital in UAE? Please elaborate
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    extreme dear -same Q you have put in different threads????i replied in one of the thread for the same-
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    update abt exams----you will get info in the advert of job vacancy as there is no MOH exam compulsion but another exam is compulsory [of same pattern].
    Almost all hospitals want BSN for an RN post.

    lot of oppurtunities are coming up for nurses as Dubai will be having health care city open soon.

    Also,There is big shuffel in staff as many good and big hospitals are under taken by american companies.
    I personally feel -you should surf hospital sites for vacancies thru google search and do not go thru agencies.
    all the best!
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    Does anyone have good suggestions in looking for nursing jobs in Dubai? 13 yrs experience, Critical Care, Peds and Adult, PICC certified, Charge Nurse, Home Health experience,SWAT Nurse, ER, etc... Are those agencies that assist on CV development worth paying for? They are asking $410-$498.
    Please post reply... thanks Icare4ICU

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