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  1. Hi, I'm a sophomore in high school and lately I've felt on my heart that God is calling me to become a nurse missionary. When trying to find information on nurse missionaries, people were saying nurse missionaries think of their career as not just a job, but a calling. By being a nurse missionary I get to help people both physically and mentally. Most importantly though, I get to lead people to Jesus Christ, our savior. When thinking about becoming a nurse missionary, I can genuinely think of no negatives that would stop me from becoming one. This job will help me make a difference on earth and in heaven and I can think of nothing else I'd rather do. I'm posting this because even though I want to become a nurse missionary, I'm having trouble finding information on it. What classes would I need to take now in high school? What are some good colleges I could attend? What courses do I need to take in college? How could I look into getting any scholarships for college? How do I get involved in a mission trip? What do I need to possibly prepare myself for working in third world countries? If anyone has any personal stories about being a nurse to would also be very helpful. Any information would be great! Thank you!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    The best thing you can do right now is to study hard- do as much science and math as you can. Does your church have short-term missions trips? Our does, we have folks in Ivory Coast, Haiti and New York City (trust me, it's a mission field) right now. If your church does NOT- perhaps a larger, sister church does.

    Understand that studying nursing is a completely separate thing than studying missions (I've studied both).
  4. by   Abby.rose4jc
    Thanks for replying! I will look into the mission trips and luckily I'm already in advanced math and science so that should help.
  5. by   Daisy_08
    I cant answer your questions any more then maryjane, but...

    Check out SIM (Serving In Mission) - An International Christian Missions Organization and Diverse Gospel Community my friend did a summer in Kenya after high school and was delivering babies, assisting in the OR and running right along with the nurses. She said it was awesome! Also very safe, lived on a compound with other students.

    God bless
  6. by   skylark
    Check out Mercy Ships and do a short term mission with them to see if you fit.
    Have you thought about how you will finance this plan, that is the aspect that stops most people.
  7. by   Abby.rose4jc
    Thanks, for the feedback! I'll take all that into mind and go on the websites! Thank you!