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Ministry of Health (MOH) Nurse exam in UAE

  1. 0 hi anyone pls help i need your help im about to get the moh exam for nurses in uae but the problem is i dnt have the idea what books i can read for references..can anyone help me to know the pattern of exam me whatever help you guys could give me i will highly appreciate it thank you so much
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    What is the moh exam?

    Is uae the United Arab Emirate?
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    yes, the ministry of health in united arab emirates thanks for your reply
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    hi guys,
    i am a registered nurse from india. i have planned to take MOH exam on june 14. i wnt to kno tht how will be the questions and from which part of nursing they are covering the questions.. ur comments are welcomed as early as possible so tht i can prepare according to tht..

    thanks in advance
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    passed in MOH examination by gods grace today. the questions that had asked for me was so easy..

    for eg;
    1) POSITIONS patients different procedures
    2) 10 drug computation questions- was little bit tricky but easy mainly drug factor and volume to be infused
    3) wht shld be checked fr paediatric client before admin pottassium?
    4)wht confirms working of drainage in sucction
    5) immediate action after MI-

    these are samples of question. the questions were coverd frm med-surg, paeds, gynec, psyciatric-5Q

    prepare with drug computations. it wont be a straight question. all shld be converted.. fr eg- gram to mg, litre to ml, cc to ml(1cc-1ml) then hours to min(24hrs-1440min)

    i hve nt hardworked. i think they had asked right question fr me


    HPE this thread will help u.. all the best fr ur examinations..u are welcome to clarify ur queries by posting ur replies.. god bless.. hve a great day
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