I'm planning on studying nursing but I was wondering about a few things please

  1. I would really appreciate any advice

    Hello so here's my story first I'm a Lebanese student who just graduated high school and I'm planning on studying nursing, but here's the thing nursing isn't really what I want to do forever I chose it because it seems like a good working option and it's in the domain I'm interested in and the university gave me an offer which was within my budget (I've always wanted to be a doctor and work in hospitals) I understand it has different domains and specializations and I respect everyone in the field but that's not all I want to do ...

    Due to my current financial status and the bad condition my country is in it's not possible for me to study the major I am very interested in which is medicine, my grades are good but I don't have the money or do I have the time since I don't know what might happen plus my situation at home isn't any good either ...

    So I was wondering is it possible for me to work in a foreign country and maybe a few years later after settling down I can register at a university and maybe study medicine there, I'm willing to work and pay it off if that's possible... I'm fluent in 3 languages if that might help out (English French and Arabic). Is what I'm asking for even possible ? And which countries might allow that ?
    Thank you very much for your time , I just want to know if it is possible so I don't get my hopes up too high.

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  3. by   Marshall1
    You would need to look at what the country you are interested in studying in would require for living/working in that country since you would not be a citizen (Visa's, passports, etc). It's possible - there are lots of exchange students in various countries living/working/obtaining an education. What you want to do is nothing new - just takes a little more work.
  4. by   Daisy_08
    I thought at first you said you were a lesbian student, I didn't really understand how that fit in.
  5. by   Georgia peach RN
    I say reach for the stars! My dream was to be a nurse, I too was sidetracked. When I first attempted to become a nurse, I was advised that the nursing class was full and I should enroll in the medical assistant program which would be very similar to the nursing program.... NOT! I was young and dumb. It was 10 yrs and 3 children later I finally went to LPN school, then another 12 yrs I was able to finish my RN. If one school turns you down keep knocking and looking someone will take you. I wish I had done that while I was young.
  6. by   Giberish
    Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it

    Well Daisy the words do seem similar so I wouldn't be really surprised if people mix them up ...