Finding Schools in CA for the Deficient Courses

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    Hi Guys. I would just like to ask if you already knew nursing schools here in California that are accepting international nurses like me who is temporarily denied by CA-BORN due to the concurrency issue. This is all about enrolling MS and OB. I prefer schools around NorCal. But if you could give me schools from SoCal area, that's okay as long as I will know these schools are accepting. Thanks guys.

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    Same here,it's been a year since I got my denial letter but I haven't found any schools yet.Im in bay area too.
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    Vincent, there was a recent posting that someone's friend found a college up north, passed the course and received the ATT in CA, the poster wished she had taken it also, but it hasn't been confirmed as I did ask whereabouts was this at.

    There are a couple of private colleges, be prepared to be wait listed, as you can imagine the strong demand and very limited availability, but also you must have some pretty pennies in your pocket as the tuition cost can run from $7,000 plus (one was reported to cost $14,000 for a few months) and needs to be paid up front.
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    Hi @dragon_lady. If you knew a school, please share the info. Thank you.
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    @steppybaby: How I wish I have known the school. Thanks for your response.
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    There are a few good threads already mentioning the various schools here in the "Nurse Registration" forum tab.
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    @steppybaby: I'll look them. Thanks.
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    Sure I will
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    try pierce college in woodland hills ca
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    Quote from jhoneusebio
    try pierce college in woodland hills ca
    So, does it mean we can enroll these courses in a community college or private college? I thought we only need to enroll these in a University school since Universities offer BSN which is the program we graduated. Isn't it? Please help me clarify this. I'm eager to know. Thanks much.

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