Does any one knows if Germany excepts LPN courses or license? | allnurses

Does any one knows if Germany excepts LPN courses or license?

  1. 0 Hello, I`m studying in Virginia and will be getting my LPN in May 2010, then I`m planning move to Germany (where I have work permit, I speak German). I`m originally from Russia. Does any one know what would I have to do in Germany to change my LPN license? ?? Would they except my US LPN classes? Would I will be able to use my LPN degree over there? or it`s just waiste of time. thank you for your help!
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    You may find that they will not accept your LPN but require RN. There is a thread recently re working in Germany suggest you try searching for it
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    There are no LPN's in Germany, and the system is very very different compared to the US system.

    In Germany you need to present a 3 years nursing course with a certain amount of hours.
    There used to be a one year course, and those guys were something between a "real nurse" with a 3 year education and an untrained healthcare assistant. Competencies used to vary among employers. As far as I'm aware this course doesn't exist anymore.
    So I'm afraid your education won't be recognized.


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