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Hi all, I am applying to the accelerated BSN program at UW-Oshkosh for the May 2014 cohort. Just curious if anyone else is planning to apply to this cohort as well.... Read More

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    Was this discussion moved to another forum? If so, how do I get there?

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    I just google "2014 accelerated nursing oshkosh" pops up as a link, hope that helps!
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    So It's October, I haven't received anything from the university. Has anyone else? I just want to know my application was received..
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    I haven't heard anything yet either. Last time it took about a month and a half til they contacted me about the online interview. I'm not too worried about not hearing anything yet. I believe everyone that has met the requirements gets an online interview. It's just the phone interview that they start to cut down the applicants. The online interview is pretty easy though, not anything to worry about.
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    New to the conversation. I also applied to the May 2014 cohort and am anxiously awaiting word on the first round of interviews! I applied last year but my application was incomplete as the TEAS V was not offered at any testing sites near me (Fairbanks, Alaska). This is something I didn't check into before applying for the October 13 cohort but I was able to take the TEAS before this round of applications. I'm looking forward to the next step! Good luck to all of you!
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    Anyone hear anything yet? I'm getting impatient lol!
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    I applied to the May 2014 cohort and recently completed the phone and email interviews, so they are definitely in the process! Now... checking email every day, even though it says that final results don't have to come out until the end of Dec. I'm working hard and keeping my fingers crossed!
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    I still haven't heard anything either!!!!! @biomechmama, how did you feel the interviews went??? Best of luck to you (and everyone else)!!!
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    Interviews are like Fight Club.

    1st RULE: You do not talk about interviews. 2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about interviews.

    Seriously, best of luck to everyone! I'm still checking my email every day even though I don't expect to hear either way for many more weeks, ha ha.

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    I received an email for a phone interview this coming week, I did not have to do an email interview though, found that interesting! Best of luck everyone!

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