pay range for rn new grads from wisconsin

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    Pay range for rn new grads Wisconsin can you hear me?

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    I can "hear" you, but fail to understand the need to appear hostile in your post.

    New grad pay in WI varies-depends on your location. I've seen postings starting anywhere from $18-24/hour.

    Hope this helps.
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    Sorry you felt that I was hostile in my post. Again, I am very sorry to offend you
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    28.00/hr base at UW Madison - New Grad - Nurse Resident....Apply NOW if you are thinking about it!
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    Does UW Hospital Madison hire new grad ADN's or only BSN's?
    I am in ADN program and intend to move to Madison once I am done. I plan to go on for BSN at some point but I believe I'd have to establish residency for a year so it is not super expensive. Any insight on any of this?
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    They do hire ADNs, but I believe prefer experience. Check out their
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    The current listed base for Meriter & St. Mary's is $29.75 & $29.77 / hour. They only have a few openings currently that they will take anyone with under one year experience. Watch for med/surg mostly. Specialty units require atleast 1 year nursing experience, but I usually doesn't have to be in that specialty.

    Clinics tend to pay $21 - $24/ hour

    I'm currently in Appleton. The pay here is pretty low comparetively. Only $21 - $22/ hour for a new grad in the hospital and from what a few other nurses have told me clinics only pay $17 - $19/ hour even if you have experience, but the market is very saturated with nurses. Also most of the clinics in the Fox Valley staff with LPNs insteads of RNs. You see a lot more RNs in the clinics in Madison

    Most of the facilities in Madison are very open about what the base pay is, it's when you get in to others area of the state that they don't say, but they also ask you what you want to make , when you apply. Being from Madison I think I've out priced myself out of a job a few times so definately try to find out the going rate for facilities priot to filling out online applications
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    Kenosha area LTC facility $ 35.00 hour. Case manager $ 29.67 hour doing Kenosha/Racine Counties. Some other LTC facilities in Kenosha/Racine area are $ 28-32 hour ( heard second hand ).
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    Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee pay $23.35 + 10% more for pm shift for a graduate nurse. Then after the passing of NCLEX it goes up from there.
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    Western Wisconsin rural areas pay $21.50 starting in LTC for new grads, Rural hospital pays $24....there are shift differentials and the bigger hospitals in our area pay close to the same I think. If you do agency nursing it can be anywhere between $30-45/hr in this area.

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