LPN's in Wisconsin ... what do you make/salary?

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    I'm a LPN student and see all types of jobs posted on websites but they never list the payrate. If you are currently a LPN and could share what your hourly wage/benefits and type of setting you work in I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much for any information you are willing to give !! (I live in Appleton, WI and think I would like to work at an Affinity site or for St. Elizabeths)
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    I work in LTC- same facility for almost 15 years (as an LPN) and I am fulltime day shift, I make 23.64 per hour with excellant benefits. Way up north in WI!!
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    Thanks for the info !! Was going to delete my post, didn't think anyone would respond. I know some people think it's rude to talk about money, but I'm just so curious to know what I could make after graduation. Unfortunately it's not much more than I make as a CNA .... however, if I had your job it would be .... sounds like you have a great job!!!
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    Fresh out of LPN program, started at a nursing home at 15.60/hr. Still in ADN program.
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    Thanks for replying. How is your new job? Any tips? Thanks agian !
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    $17-20 for new grads in the Milwaukee area.
    If you're in the field for awhile (5+ years) you will probably cap at $24-25
    However, this is strickly LTC i'm talking about.
    You will make much less money in most jobs that are not in LTC.
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    As a new LPN in SE WI, I started at $20.00 for first shift and 21.50 for second shift. Big help while finishing nursing school!
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    Hi Badgerbabe287,

    Do you work in a nursing home setting? That's great! I need to get my foot in the door and support my family as well..
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    Update: I got two jobs and just passed NCLEX. I'm getting $21 hr, with no benefits, on-cal, casual & day shift ( $1 hr shift diff for PM and $1.50 NOCs).
    My 2nd job is 19.24 hr (no shift diff) with great benefits, and is permanent 50% PMs. I have lots to learn being a "new grad"! I'm excited, scared and hopeful !!
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