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Hi. I am a career change student who is looking for a flexible CNA job to supplement income while I am attending school. However, I got a bad taste in my mouth when I had an interview at a local nursing home that was holding a... Read More

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    Does anyone know... how likely or unlikely it may be to contract air born illness's diseases.. Or fatal ones/blood born in a home care setting with a sick person. I know.. hospital patients and staff catch staff often. More then they let on. My friend is an RN and she tells me all the time. She had two nurses die of staff.

    I went to a home health care site.. and the site posted this big thing... about blood born illness's and air born etc. I don't want this to scare me off.. from going for my CNA to work in home care or doing private duty for hire work.

    Please give me some positive up beat feedback in support of this.. LOL. So.. I am not fearing for my life.

    Thank You.. Leah

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