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Hey guys, new to this website....but I've found it so helpful in the short time that I've been here....but I was wondering if anyone is a graduate, current student or knows of any reputation about Bellin College and their nursing... Read More

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    Housing was a pain. They don't have any dorms for accelerated students- normally the UWGB kids stay on that campus, likewise for St. Norbert's. Thank goodness I just so happened to make the right emails to the right people, and I was hooked up with some UWGB kids that lived off campus, and close to Bellin. But I believe there's a board at Bellin... or used to. It had apartments for rent, or people looking for roommates, as well as jobs available for nursing students, or new grads.

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    Hey all. I graduated from Bellin College of Nursing in 06' and I feel that the college really prepared me for my nursing career. The clinicals were around town and easy to get to. Many learning experiences and lectures were pretty good. Yes, it was pricey and I will probably be paying on my loans for a while, but overall, I feel that Bellin is a great school. NWTC is great too. Don't get me wrong, but I feel that Bellin teaches you a lot more in clinical than in the lectures....but I also feel that in the lectures you get to apply what you learn in clinical. Great school!
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    Hello All,
    I am attending Bellin in June 2011. Any advice or things I should be doing now to get me prepared?

    Anything will help.


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