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Any place hiring new RNs - page 2

Hi, I live in the Northern Wisconsin area close to Minocqua. Are there any places that may be hiring new RNs? Most of the clinics and hospitals want RNs to have at least one year of on the job... Read More

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    Thanks! I had printed the info packet from the website, but your description of scheduling clears up some questions I had.
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    Sorry my computer sends things before I'm done. Anyway I say start in long term care. These places really need help and Good, Caring Nurses. So many nurses are there for the money. never go into nursing for the money It is hard work at a LTC but the reward of helping those people who a lot of them don't have anyone. The staff are their family. There are different departments to work for in LTC from general nursing to medicare which is more like a hospital except you have more patients. I have worked in long term care many years and always went home happy that I could make someone smile.
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    Quote from Akasha85
    Sorry my computer sends things before I'm done. Anyway I say start in long term care.
    *** I disagree. I think long term care is a bad place for a new nurse to start. The reason is becuase you are always alone as the only nurse on the floor. There is almost no chance to learn skills from more experienced nurses.