WGU writes: RN-BSN in 6 months is a rumor, not do-able - page 5

Here is a quote from the BSN community site mentor: "Hi everyone! I know that there have been some rumors about finishing the RN-BSN program in 6 months, and I wanted to clear up those rumors. ... Read More

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    I put in a lot of hours to finish in about three months. Probably at least 5/day. Biochem is a series of powerpoints. I didn't take history, but I think it is papers.
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    I worked full time when I did it, and probably spent about 5 hours a day, three days a week. The only class I had to take aside from the nursing classes, was biochem. It was the devil and took me longer than any other class. If it hadn't been for that class, I would have finished in probably 4 months.
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    Thanks guys! Are there alot of exams or is it mostly competency based? How are the exams? Did anyone do this recently? Is the camera proctering a good way to go?
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    Biochem was one of my shortest classes, at only 5 days. :P My longest class took me around two weeks - that was humanities. I knew NOTHING about the subject matter.

    Bettyrn32 - each class has something to do to prove competency - either a paper or a set of papers or a project of some sort or a final exam. All to prove competency - no quizzes or mini tests or whatever are required. Pass the test or write the paper(s) and you pass the class. And a lot of people use the camera - I didn't like it so I did most of my tests at a local testing site.
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    So how many test are you looking at for the nursing part? I am hoping there are more papers, power points etc. than test lol ( I have been a practicing nurse for 20 years). So other than Certification exams I havnt tested in awhile. I am ANCC certified in geriatrics and also CCM certified.

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