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Who's starting WGU 11/1/11. I saw there was a thread for 10/1/11, figured we could start one for November. Had my intake interview already, my transcripts have not been evaluated yet but am feeling the pressure to pay up by... Read More

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    I am unclear as to how WGU works.

    First and foremost, it seems there are no group projects.

    Second, it appears you have to set up your own community nursing project, somehow someway (not so cool)

    Third, I am unclear as to how the writing projects work. Traditionally, there can be many 'research project' papers for a given degree, and finding sources for the paper can be quite tedious, necessitating interlibrary loans and slowing down the research process greatly. My ex-wife took DAYS (like sometimes 10) to get her research citations back at times--and one needs to read these in order to construct the best research paper--she had to use a combination of word, excel, and powerpoint for the actual document, using APA format--how does this process work at WGU?

    Lastly, how does this all work? I have listed their requirements below. They offer ALL of those classes? What is the format of those classes? You watch webinars? You buy books? I went to school a very long time ago, and I am used to having a book in my hands, underlining text, writing in the margins, sometimes making question/answer sheets in 3-ring notebooks, then right before class I would review the stuff i had, then go take the exam.

    Can you all break the WGU process down for me? Pointers? I dont plan on going anytime soon, perhaps in 12months, but I myself wouldnt mind paying a mentor to help me thru the process when the time comes--just PM me the details and when the time comes......monies could easily be sent instantly via paypal.

    and, the requirements from their site, which I am unsure as to whether they offer online, or what (seems like quite a few, but i do have an associate science degree, but without the chem and college algebra--chem was accepted from my highschool as i went right into nursing school, and i took trigonometry and a different school which was 'above' college algebra, which was thus acceptable):

    NVT2 Professional Roles and Values 3
    AGC1 Foundations of College Mathematics 3
    BBC1 Communications Foundations 2
    LAE1 Language and Communication: Essay 2
    IWC1 Literature, Arts and the Humanities 2
    IWT1 Literature, Arts and the Humanities: Analysis and Interpretation 2
    LUT1 Language and Communication: Presentation 2
    QBT1 Language and Communication: Research 3
    QLC1 Quantitative Literacy: College Algebra, Measurement, and Geometry 3
    QMC1 Quantitative Literacy: Statistics, Probability, and Problem Solving 3
    ASV1 Nutrition 3
    GRT1 Biochemistry 3
    GLC1 Behavioral Science Survey 6
    GLT1 Issues in Behavioral Science 3
    GMC1 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 3
    GMT1 Human Physiology 3
    ALT1 Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory 2
    MBC1 Clinical Microbiology 3
    MLT1 Clinical Microbiology Laboratory 1
    GNT1 Contemporary Nursing Issues 4
    HAT1 Community Health Nursing 3
    HGT1 Community Health Nursing Practicum 2
    NUT1 Nursing Informatics 2
    EBT1 Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research 3
    KOT1 Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership 4

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    All the classes are online. I believe if one has an ASN only 7 core nursing classes are needed. You are assigned a (free) mentor who you will speak with every week in your first term and then biweekly for the rest. For classes that you do not have credit in (like for me it was some humanities and math courses) you can take an assessment to pass the course, either at a testing site or online via the provided web cam. There are webinars available and TONS of support for the courses. The books are usually online but there may also be hard copies. For the community health, I believe you set up interviews. Someone else may know more about that as I haven't done that course yet.
    Papers are papers! Check out PERRLA.com for APA formatting software.
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    Quick update on my progress so far.
    Started November 1st.
    Completed: EWB, KOT1, HAT1, NUT1, ASV1, NVT2
    Working on: EBT1, HGT1
    Remaining: GNT1

    I am tired!!
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    Way to go fallinnstyle!!! How much time do you commit, I start in Jan. Are you a strong writer? Thanks for any advice!!
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    Thanks Tiffany.
    I am definitely not a strong writer, but there are tons of resources out there to help with APA and stuff. The amount of time I have been spending varies depending on how my shifts are going, and how much sleep I am getting (I work nights). Mostly, I try to do 1.5-2 tasks per week. The easier ones I have done much faster.
    I think the trick is to not take the 6 month term as a rule. Set a goal for when YOU want to get done, then work towards that goal. I am hoping to be done by 12/31/11, start the new year with all my BSN requirements completed.

    Good Luck!
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    WOW !! Your kung fu is strong
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    Quote from Conqueror+
    WOW !! Your kung fu is strong
    Lol. What is your progress like Conqueror+? You still in the race?
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    Ah yes grasshopper. I started Dec 1st and I plan to finish in 5 months. Not as quickly as you but in enough time to apply for my MSN programs of choice. Congrats again
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    Quick question. Has anyone had WGU accept the CLEP Chemistry exam for bio chem requirment?
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    DONE with my BSN as of today. That's three months, and 9 days..... or three months if you count the time I actually had access to Taskstream!

    Excited to move on to my MSN!!!!!!
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