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WGU Nursing Accreditation

  1. 0 Is WGU accredited? I don't see the name of the school listed under either CCNE or NLN website.
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    Yes they are. Are you searching for 'Western Governors University'?

    I have both my BSN and MSN from WGU - it is an excellent, rigorous program.
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    Quote from marycarney
    Yes they are. Are you searching for 'Western Governors University'?
    Yes Western Governors University. Why would the school not be in the list if it's accredited? Anyway, thank you, just wanted to be sure.
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    I just checked CCNE's site right now and yeah, they're listed.
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    WGU Nursing Accreditation-image-1248164188-jpg

    Got this in the mail yesterday.
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    Quote from Danish
    <img src="http://allnurses.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=11193"/>

    Got this in the mail yesterday.
    thanks for sharing Danish :-)
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    Does anyone know if WGU is accredited overseas? I've been an RN for almost 10 years and am starting the admission process at WGU for the RN-MSN Leadership and Management track. I've looked into travel nursing to the UK and Australia but they're so confusing and strict on who they let practice there. I'm just curios if anyone knows! thanks....
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    I imagine that if it's accredited (which it is) then it would be treated like any other accredited program, WRT overseas nursing.
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    I'm sorry, I'm totally not looking to aggravate anyone but I have been looking at the California CCNE and CA BRN website and do not see the Western Governors MASTERS program as being accredited. The Bachelors program seems to be and I have received that same email above but the email is pretty general. It does not say Masters in Nursing. Please help me understand this better. I really want to start at Western Governors this April but honestly being BRN and CCNE accredited is obviously really important.

    CCNE Accredited Nursing Degree Programs

    Board of Registered Nursing - RN Programs (scroll down to the msn approved schools)

    Thank you for your replies!
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    You have to search for WGU under UTAH on the CCNE site. Their HQ is in Salt Lake City. The pre-licensure program is only in a couple states (California, Indiana, Texas I believe).
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    Thank you mary!
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    Hi guys,

    Sorry if this questions has already been answered or asked but is Western Governor's accredited in California for MSN in nursing education?
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    As stated in many other thread, WGU is accredited. Fully,