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    Good Morning! I am starting the RN-MSN Leadership program at WGU. I have already taken some courses at WGU (RN-BSN) before having to W/D b/c of family issues. I decided to return at pursue the MSN instead. Now the COS has changed. I was wondering if anyone out there who is in the RN-MSN program under the new COS can tell me what they think about the program and how it is going for them. Thanks you.

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    I've been in the program for 6 months (MSN Leadership/Management) and love it. I plan to graduate early in June. what changed?
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    Quote from ykreitz
    I've been in the program for 6 months (MSN Leadership/Management) and love it. I plan to graduate early in June. what changed?

    A lot from what I see. Course names have changed and a lot of classes were added (7-8). In all honesty, the course work looks a lot more like a traditional program then before. How many courses require objective assessments? I did not have to take any in the old program. Thanks.
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    It is 30 credits. One class, Nursing Theory, is an objective assessment... the rest are performance. I saw the new curriculum... glad I started in June!

    Good luck! you can do this!
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    The new MSN has several classes that are OA's (tests). It's very different from the 'old' program.
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    Can you tell me what classes are OA's?
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    there is a pdf file available on the website for the msn program from wgu in education that details the course outline with course summaries and exactly how they are assessed. i would assume there is a similar pdf for the msn leadership program.
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    Question, In the real working world is having a MSN in leadership any different that MSN in nursing education? Having a MSN allows you to teach other RN students.. Having a MSN help you get into management positions as well. Unless youre studying to get into a NP program, does it matter if the MSN is geared toward leadership or education? i'm trying to decide if I should chose leadership or education track for my RN-MSN. Most people I know go for the education track. Any imput would be very help, thanks.
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    I believe MSN in leadership is more versatile. You can teach and take a management position with a MSN in leadership. Whereas with a MSN in education, I think you are more pigeon holed into teaching. I have heard schools will allow you teach if you have your MSN period-regardless of whether it was in education or leadership. I plan to pursue my MSN in leadership.
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