Question about school AFTER WGU

  1. I am wanting to start an online RN-BSN program next year. WGU is by far the cheapest and quickest I have found. However it worries me that it is pass or fail. Their grading scale is only a 3.0 and everyone gets it who passes. I plan on becoming a nurse practitioner. So I will be going to school again after my RN-BSN. I am worried about being able to get into a program after attending WGU because of the gpa situation. So I'd like to hear from people who have gone back to school post WGU RN-BSN or people who know about it.

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  3. by   jlh14mi
    Did you ever get an answer to your question?? I am also considering WGU
  4. by   klone
    You might have better luck with an answer if you go to the WGU forum here.

    My best advice is to look at individual programs' entrance requirements as far as GPA. Most that I'm aware of require 3.0. I know that WGU is happy to work with other schools' admissions departments, explaining their GPA/pass-fail policy, in order to facilitate their students' entrance into graduate schools.
  5. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    It may depend on the particular graduate program where you will apply. Yes, WGU transcripts indicate that the student has the equivalent of a 3.0 GPA. But this may not be sufficient to be a competitive candidate at schools that receive more applications than there are spaces.

    Last year my School received approximately 150+ MSN applications for 45 Nurse Practitioner spaces. The mean BSN GPA for accepted students in our NP program last year was above a 3.5.
  6. by   cayenne06
    I agree, check with your desired program(s) and find out what their requirements are. The post grad program I applied to has a 3.0 GPA minimum, but is extremely competitive so I don't just want the bare minimum, you know? However, prior to enrolling in WGU my GPA has always been 3.9 or above, and, at least in my case, a written explanation of WGU's policy in addition to COPIOUS professional and academic references, as well as a darn decent resume, will hopefully be enough to put me in the running. I guess time will tell, right?!

    Anyway, I do wish WGU would just do Pass/Fail instead of giving a bogus GPA. A lot of respected schools do P/F and I think it looks better than a 3.0 on your transcript, personally.