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Hello Everyone! A little bit of background before a few questions. I'm 35, married to a disabled vet and we have 4 kids. In the past 2 years I've had to become the breadwinner after being a SAHM. I did 5 years of college... Read More

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    Hello lildiptalia,
    I just found your comment and I would love to get a little more information from you in regards to USU. I am trying to find a way to complete the prereqs for WGU whilst working a full time job so i was intrigued by your comment. I am not located in California but I noticed that they have an online option. Did you start from scratch to complete your prereqs? I am have college behind me but they are international classes so most will not transfer over. What classes did you have to take through USU? How long did it take? How intensive were the classes? Etc. I am sorry to bombard you but I think you may be the solution to my long standing issue on “how to complete nursing school” while supporting my family! YAY!!!

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    Good lord I know its late response. lol. I haven't been on this site for a loooong time! any how to aswer your question USU was a great school. As with all schools you have some problems, but overall I don't have anything bad to say about them. Their online classes are very easy to navigate and the professors help you out if you need it. I looked at nursing schools I wanted to go to and based on their pre reqs I took those courses at USU. I did start all over with my pre reqs. It took me a year and 2 months to finish all of my pre reqs to get into a bachelors program for nursing. I took a heavy course load so I dedicated my life outside of my full time job to going to school. So basically I had no life for a year and 2 months. At the end of the day it was well worth it. I don't do well in a 16 week class. I will lose focus and end up dropping the class. So the 8 week class was just for me. Kept me in check. Again sorry for the late reply. If you have any questions just email me at

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