MSMC ABSN vs WGU Nursing program

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    Hi everyone!

    I just finished my interview for the AccBSN (fall 13) for MSMC. My dilemma is that I also got into WGU's nursing program.

    MSMC would cost me 60K and WGU 23K.

    MSMC is a year long and WGU is 2.5 years long.

    I really don't know what program I should attend.

    I know MSMC nurses are very reputable and get hired right after they graduate. What about WGU graduates?

    Any thoughts? Are there any ABSN graduates/students and WGU Nursing Graduates/students out there that can help a prospective nursing student out?
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    I suggest WGU! I can't wait to get into it. For the experience WGU gives you, 2.5 years is worth if nursing is your passion and not just a job. I love being in the medical field because it is my passion to care for people, WGU offers a wonderful experience for clinicals from what I have heard so I am sticking with going to WGU.

    WGU Students have clinicals at very reputable hospitals that are partnered with them and grads have no problem getting hired.

    Research is great.
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    I know my reply comes in too late since MSM has started. I got in msm absn and just applied to WGU. I had the same dilemna but decided that one year is too short to learn all that needs to be learned to be a skillful nurse. I work in the ER and there is a major difference btween passable nurse and very knowledgeable ones. In addition, i prefer independent studies, i learn faster on my own and i temd not to like going to lectures. For people who has gone through 4 yrs of higher esucational formation, what she or he needs is to learn the trade skills of nursing. Wgu is clinical intensive, 1-1 with a nurse. I dont mind doing 2.5 yrs with a better chance at passing the nCLex, having less loan to pay back, still keeping a
    Job and not to have to go through hell and stress that an accelerated program will give you!