Looking to start Rn to Msn with a non nursing Bachelors

  1. 0 I have an associates from Excelsior and just finished up on a BSLA from Excelsior also, I have looking at old posts on WGU. I have not received my evaluation yet so I'm just wondering about pre Reqs. I know that most are cleared with an RN degree, I saw that some have had to take nutrition, history, stats, and since I graduated from Excelsior, A&P with lab and micro with lab. Should I just take a few classes, was thinking about Straighterline or wait for the eval? Just want to clear requirements before I start.
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    Hi Erica,

    Forgive me for answering this post as I do not know the answer to your quest , but I was going thru old posts and you were quite encouraging. I am taking my entrance test for Prism in Cherry hill next week supper nervous and then I want to go the EC route like you for RN. I have a BA and AA already lol but in the political and paralegal field. All the other programs had a year waiting list and I did not want to sit around for a year so I decided to go LPN route , work and go to school for RN.

    Any tips for Prism , I am nervous and just hoping I can pass the entrance exam...I know the classes will be some serious hard work!... I am also looking for a Nurse as a mentor or as a guide thanks Nikki
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    Hi Nikki,
    I will pm u my email and phone # so u can call me.
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    Hi Erika,

    Can u send it to nikus09@gmail.com ...for some reason they wont let me receive private messages yet lol. Thanks!!!
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    Quote from Niks09
    Hi Erika,

    Can u send it to nikus09@gmail.com ...for some reason they wont let me receive private messages yet lol. Thanks!!!
    You need a total of 15 quality posts (I.e. not "me too' posts) and a validated email address or upgrade to a premium membership to access the PM system.
    You assume the risk of search engines locating your email address when posting in any widely read public message board/forum. The limited access to the PM system for new members is to reduce the potential for spam/inappropriate messages to be sent/received.

    You cannot send or respond to PM but you can read them
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    I think the straighterline might be a good idea too. I just had my transcript evaluation they're making me take assessment class even though assessment was incorporated into the curriculum at my school. Unless you have a specific class called assessment they make you take it.
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