community health practicum question

  1. I have a question about the 90-hour community health practicum. Does WGU require that you perform this task within the community of your residence, or are you allowed to choose a community? In my case, I recently moved to my current community, and I would like to do the project with my previous town of residence. I lived there a long time, and I know everybody, so it would be much easier to get access to resources.
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  3. by   featherzRN
    My "guess" is that would be fine. I chose to do the community I worked in, rather than the community I lived in, and that was fine. The community I work in I see more often and it was easier to interview people at lunch, after work,etc.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    You can choose the community. Not everyone lives in a community, for that matter. Some are so far out in the boonies as to have to travel anyway.
  5. by   Misskala
    Just do you document the hours spent so to get credit? And can you start working on community health and the practicum at the beginning of the program (so simultaneously with another class/es)?
  6. by   featherzRN
    If you are not in California, you put down your hours on a time log. It's on the honor system, although they reserve the right to check. In California, you need a 'clinical home' that will sign that your hours are accurate - I am not in CA, so that may not be entirely correct. You can start on the practicum once you have finished the community health theory class, which is generally not one of the first classes assigned. It can be concurrent with other classes, however.
  7. by   Misskala
    Thank you! I'm not in CA either. I am hoping to take it with another class so I can finish the program a little faster
  8. by   pacnwRN
    I graduated from WGU in August, and my community health practicum was my final class. I guess they are transitioning the format for the hours right now, so my hours were a little but of a compilation of old and new style. I think that doing it in a community that is not your own would be fine, but I would ok it with your course mentor. I had to do mine in my county as opposed to my town due to size. My advice to you is not to make it harder than it is- I spent countless hours doing things that I didn't count as hours because I didn't know how/if they were eligible. When I finally called my mentor I realized my mistakes, albeit too late. I passed, but I definitely made the assignment harder than it was. Good luck.
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